For dating sites

Dating sites are perfect places to meet people and also fall in love or maybe have a fling. People are more attracted to things that are decent than what they perceive to dirty or none conforming. Using a .LOVE domain for your dating site will surely add some sort of decency and social proof to your website which will surely lead to more sign ups.

For love talks experts and gurus


Some people have studied and have experienced every form of love related scenario which makes them experts on the subject. If you are one of those people then teaching people how to achieve this through your website could be a great way to actually capitalize on this wonderful gift of yours. Plus the added attention of keeping families together and making people find love. Using a .LOVE domain extension for your website will be a perfect introduction to what your business is all about so it’s a win for you.

For sexual education and orientation blogs and forum

Normally sex is meant to be happening between two people that love each other. Even though that basic knowledge has being bastardized quite all right, it doesn't make it wrong. Using a .LOVE domain name for your sexual education blog is very much valid. A lot of marriages are now broken just because of bad sexual experience and connections between the parties involved. Teach, educate and Orientate people on how to have a healthy sexual life.

For peace and togetherness relates campaigns website

Promoting togetherness and peace and making sure to love one another is just the type of campaign the word really needs right now. So as an ambassador of peace, using a .LOVE ending for your website will further enact the point you are trying to make in the first instance.

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