- For the first time the term "management" was used by Giulio Parigi in 1598.
- Adam Smith is not only the author of classical economic theory, but also the founder of the science of management.
A site with a .MANAGEMENT domain zone is an excellent opportunity to show to a potential client or employer that you are an expert in your field, and you know how to make the right decisions and think strategically.

For specialists in the field of management

Use a site built with a .MANAGEMENT as an advocate for your prowess in the field of management. By making available your various contributions and achievement in the field of management on the webpage and find new customers or employers more effectively.

For educational institutions

There are faculties and schools dedicated to the study of management. Using another domain name instead of the .MANAGEMENT for such school webpage seems far from being smart. So buy your own .MANAGEMENT domain name and Attract and train new students.

For teachers

Communicate with your students, lay out the latest scientific work and interact with other teachers through your webpage with a .MANAGEMENT domain.

For an organization management body

Every decent organization does have its own management board. Having a website where each member of the management board listed for easy assessment could make all the difference when it comes to effective running of the business.  So having a portion of the company website that redirects to a .MANAGEMENT domain name will make it easy to identify the page.

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