- The first prototypes of MBA programs appeared in the US in the late 19th century.

MBA is a common abbreviation, which stands for "master of business administration". This qualification implies that its owner is able to work as a manager at all levels of business.

For business school sites

Promote your business school and attract new students, with a .MBA domain name. Let people know even before visiting your website that you are all about teaching business administration in your school.

For teachers of business schools

Without teachers we probably will never be able to pass on formal education to our offspring. So if you are a lecturer in a business school, make sure to make this known through a website registered with a domain name ending with .MBA.
From there you get share your research, communicate with students and other teachers.

For MBA holders

Studying to attain an MBA degree is very expensive and also a really tedious process. When you are lucky enough to have such degree you need to make sure to let everyone know. Doing so through a .MBA domain website will further increase the amount of people that get to see it, thereby increasing your job prospects.

For what is suitable?
  • Educational
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