For domain hacking purposes

The .ME domain could easily serve as the perfect name for a corny domain name. Especially if the project is a personal project, or one that requires one to own a space online. A profile page is a great example of a personal space online. The .ME extension makes your domain name very small and easy to remember. With is a one major character of a good domain name.

For online stores

Online stores that deals in the sales of personal and private items such as sex toys could also benefit from the use of this short domain name. Business that deals with self caring such as beauty salon and spas can also use .ME domain name for their business page. Since the business is a about personal up keeps and hygiene.

For personal profile pages and resumes pages

Have a personal page dedicated to your life works and career could help to project your career and serve as the perfect way to introduce you to potential employers and innovators easily. You could buy a .ME domain for such website since its personal page.

For what is suitable?
  • Personal
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