- There are more than 3,700,000,000 men in the world.
.MEN is catchy web domain address that will easily attract and attract a male audience.

For men magazines

Just like women magazine, men magazine are meant to address issues mean face in life. These issues usually range from love, health, sex, finance etc. And since most people have gone digital for their publications. Having your magazine in a digital format on a .MEN domain name website will help to make the direction your magazine is aiming for much more clear.

For the marketing of goods for men

Clothing, footwear, perfume and care products are used by both men and women. But there is always some sort of distinction between the type of this products. As a buyer I won’t really be pleased after finding out that the products I bought is actually considered an opposite sex own. And to avoid making such mistake I would rather shop these products on a store with domain name ending in .MEN. So as a store it is highly recommend that you differentiate your products using the .MEN domain name, so as to gain more buyers.

For what is suitable?
  • Descriptive
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