For restaurants and bars

When anyone new enters and sit down in a normal traditional restaurant the menu is the first thing they ask for or are presented with. Now you can also relay that system online with a website this is basically because sometimes people will want to know all that is to be about your joint before they visit you. This way they will know what they are getting into beforehand. Since almost everyone now owns and operates a smart phone using a .MENU domain for the menu section of your website will be saving the same purpose as a paper menu, except that it will be cheaper.

For website designers and graphic designs market place

Sometimes it is note smarter to just buy the right to someone else's work and edit it to your own state than just starting yours from scratch really that what you will be faster with your work and you sure will deliver standard works since another person has laid the foundation. This doesn't make you substandard it just shows how smart you are. A market place onto sales of websites parts and general UI/UX interface can make use of the .MENU domain for it website.

For what is suitable?
  • Food & Drink
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