- Bill Gates is the richest man according to the Forbes magazine.
Money is the most important factor in any decision or even any aspect of human life. And a very non significant portion of the world population can do without transacting without money on any single day.
Money is a common friend to everyone, barring their level and status.
For companies that have anything to do with money, either Making and losing it or saving it. A .MONEY domain name for your website will help to position you better in your industry.

For sites of investors and investment funds

At one point in every human’s life we must have heard of the word investment and how important it is. And this is why we now have investment companies, whose sole aim is to make people money.
So basically an investment fund deals with money. A .MONEY domain for their website will further present them as a money making funds, thereby gaining more clients.


For sites of credit companies and banks

Provide loans and provide other financial services through your website with a .MONEY ending.


For sites of specialized and business publications

For media publication that deals with the financial world. Showing your allegiance to the word “MONEY” through registering a .MONEY domain name for you website will help place you ahead of the competition. As it will appear to the audience like you have your stuff together and you know what you are doing.


For what is suitable?
  • Financial
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