The .NG domain serves as the perfect introduction for you and your business to Nigerians. The domain name shows that your business is well grounded and based in Nigeria. The .NG extension could also be used for any type of website just like a .COM TLD.

For business

A site with the .NG domain name will tell local residents, the search engines and other online business directories where you are based. It is also an avenue to connect with the local resident of Nigeria.

For brand protection and diversification

Your business might not be conducting businesses in Nigeria at the moment, but what if you eventually have to conduct business in the country later on and you name is already registered on the .NG domain? Remember Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and the 20th in the world, so if your business is thinking globally, the time to register a .NG domain is now.

For foreign companies

Are you trying to penetrate the Nigerian market? The .NG domain extension will be a good choice for a foreign company that has just started working in Nigeria. By buying a .NG domain ending for your business, you can easily sell yourself to Nigerian consumers and mark your territory as a major business in the country.

For bloggers

You get to feed us firsthand information about happenings, major news and gist about the country. And maybe some interesting places and food foreign visitors.

Quick facts about Nigeria

  • Nigeria is a country in west Africa, with 36 states and over 500 ethnical groups.
  • Nigeria is the 20th largest economy in the word and the largest in Africa. 
  • The GDP of the country is estimated to be about $1.161 trillion GDP (PPP) and 460 billion GDP (nominal).
  • With over 186 million population Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world.
  • It has been identified as a regional power in African a middle power in international affairs, and has also been identified as an emerging global power.
For what is suitable?
  • Regional
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