- The earliest occurrence of the ninjas dates back to the 10th century.

Ninja — warriors of medieval Japan, who were famous for their sharp skills in martial arts, could suddenly appear and quietly hide, they are rumored to be able to stay under water, breathing through a straw.
 Today this word is used in a slightly different meaning and stands for professionals in their field. They are regarded as highly qualified specialist in his own right.

For software and computer game developers

Some computer games are based on the ninja theme. Using a .NINJA domain name to promote such games will garner you more likes and sales.


For fans of martial arts and extreme sports.

The .NINJA domain is perfectly suits for fans of extreme sports and martial arts.


For highly skilled people

Everyone who is a highly qualified specialist in their field and business could be considered a ninja. Even a cook or teacher can be a ninja. So showcase your level of professionalism by buying a .NINJA domain name for your website.


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