- The Russian economy is the sixth in the world in terms of GDP.
- According to Nielsen, Russian consumers most often buy clothes and accessories on the Internet (53% of respondents), and the least group buys fresh food online. (3% of respondents).

OOO is a "limited liability company", one of the most popular organizational and legal forms of business in Russia.
As long as you run your own LLC, or you want to register it in the future, the .OOO domain zone will help you to emphasize the business focus of your website.

For Russian companies

The .OOO domain will allow you to reflect the legal status of your company directly in the web address and increase the level of users' trust in the business. However, with  the .OOO domain name, there are still a lot of domain names available, so you can easily find the right web address, even if it your intending ones are already taken for .RU domain.


For foreign companies

Do you want to enter the Russian market? The .OOO domain will be a good choice for a foreign company that has just started working in Russia. By buying a .OOO extension for your business, you can easily sell yourself to Russian consumers and other entrepreneurs.


For business owners who want to protect their brand

Even if in the near future you do not have plans to conduct business in Russia, the domain registration .OOO is still a good investment. Thanks to this domain name, you will be able to protect your brand from imitators and scammers.

For travel agencies

Bring more customers to your company using the .OOO domain for your website.
You get to make arrangement for people wishing to visit Russian through your site by using the .OOO domain name. Such arrangements may include flight booking, hotel booking, chauffeur, etc.


For what is suitable?
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