- Partnership is one of the oldest forms of doing business in English-speaking countries.
.PARTNERS domain is perfectly suited for legal companies that use the partner organizational and legal form of doing business.

As a result of this domain name, entrepreneurs can shorten the domain name of their company and make it more convenient for users to input it into their web browser.
 For example, instead of ABCPARTNERS.COM, you can now make the web address ABC.PARTNERS. 

The .PARTNERS domain will be a good solution not only for business, but also for personal projects, interest groups, communities and specialized social networks.

For investors

Investment is never a 100% guaranteed endeavor. So it usually a form of partnership between everyone involved in the business. So in case of profit or loss, everyone bears it.

For law firms

Advertise you business online using your website as the channel for that. A .PATNERS domain name for your website will be a great advertising tool to find new customers for your company.

For social networks

There are new Social media that are niche focused. For example LinkedIn, social network meant for networking and job searching.
Develop a unique platform with an unusual domain name, where users can freely communicate and make new useful acquaintances and form lifelong partnerships.

For thematic communities

Create a website or forum with a .PARTNERS domain ending and communicate with like-minded people on topics that interest you.


For what is suitable?
  • Businesses
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