- According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36% of US households have a dog, and 30% have a cat.

Now the pets have their own domain name.

 Register a web address with the. PET domain and tell us about the life of your cat, dog, fish or any other pet you keep.

For a blog

The level of affection for pets among different people usually varies. But for most decent people the level is same as that of a human child. Which mean they would go all out to learn about such a pet on how to give it a quality life. So creating a blog dedicated to a specific pet or pets in general with a .PET domain will go a long way to make some people really happy.
You could also buy the .PET domain name for your pet personal blog, where you document its growth.

For a veterinary clinic Site.

A sick pet can really mess things up for most people. This is why having a good vet clinic or doctor on speed dial could make all the difference in saving ones pet. So a good vet must be reachable either via phone or the website as at when needed. And registering your website with a .PET extension makes it know that your services are meant for pets and not human.

For an animal shelter

An animal shelter helps to keep homeless or wounded animals off the street and away from threats. They also help cats, dogs and other animals find a new home. Using your website with a .PET ending to provide information on animals available for adoption will make the process of adoption more effective and fast.

For what is suitable?
  • Descriptive
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