For museums online gallery

Going to a museum doesn't have to be offline alone, anyone can now create their own personal online museum where people can scroll through different objects, painting, crafts pictures from the comfort of their mobile phones. This could easily be achieved with a .PIC domain.

For image sharing websites

Image sharing website has become a popular source of picture arts and meme across the world. You could easily start your own picture sharing website, either dedicated to a particular niche or even for a general purpose. All your just need to start is a very good domain extension and a good web hosting company and some really good web design skills and you are good to go. A .PICS extension will be very perfect for a website as such.

For porn pictures website

A porn picture website using the .PICS domain name for it website is making it clear from the onset that it’s all about pictures no videos. And being focused on a particular thing is always a good sign of quality. Since you are not all over the place, you are focused and dedicated to one cause alone.

For photographers personal gallery

A photographer not making use of the internet to promote his or her business is basically not up to date with the current trend of things and will most likely be left behind. Using the .PICS domain for your gallery will properly project you mission, plus it’s a perfect alignment to what your business is all about.

For what is suitable?
  • Media & Music
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