-  Pizza first appeared in Italy in the 16th century after tomatoes were brought to Europe from America.

Pizza is an Italian dish that has become popular all over the world. 
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For pizzerias

The recipe for making pizza has taken different forms and variation over time. So tell us what is different about your pizza from your website on a .PIZZA domain.


For manufacturers of machinery and equipment for pizzerias

Pizza making machines and equipments are not only meant for pizzerias. People sometime prefer to make their own pizza from the comfort of their kitchen. So it is paramount that you as a manufacture of such equipment should make sure you reach this set of people. And the best known way to reach them is through placing online ads that leads to your website where they can check the machinery out and make their purchase.


For cooks

Do you specialize in making of this delicacy called pizza? Then a .PIZZA domain name seems like the perfect choice for you. Through your website you can always list your services and even post some recipe for interested audience.


For pizza fans

Pizza just like sports is a common denominator for people of every level. Creating an online community or forum with a .PIZZA domain name will help to bring people together to discuss topics that are pizza related.


For what is suitable?
  • Food & Drink
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