For all property listing website

Create a web page dedicated to listing of various landed properties such as lands, houses, dams, ponds etc. The webpage will help buyers and seller of

properties connect easily without much hassle. Using the .PROPERTY domain will surely help to fester a loyal base of website users. As it is clear what you

are into from the onset.

For real estate agency

Real estate is not limited to houses alone; it includes all sorts of landed properties. E.g a filling station, farm plantation, warehouses etc. All this are real

estate properties also. So buying a .PROPERTY domain for your real estate business will bring in more business for your agency.

For property developers

Developing useful properties spanning across several industry and location is what the top names in the property development and real estate industry

are known for. It’s never too late or early to start your own property development company with .PROPERTY website.

For what is suitable?
  • Real Estate
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