The .PW domain became available for public registration in 2013.

The .PW zone was originally created for the inhabitants of the Republic of Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. 
The domain gained its popularity thanks to other use and meaning the abbreviation "PW" can be transcribed into. This includes "Personal Web", "Professional Web" or "Privacy Web", which makes it a very attractive platform for IT professionals.

For personal web space

Create your own personal space or cave where you get to write things about your life in general. Things like your career, family, school etc. Using a .PW domain for such website also makes it clear what your site is all about, since it is your personal web space.


For companies specializing in cyber security

With the rate at which hacking is becoming a global threat to everyone. Organizations and companies need a cyber security team to be in charge of keeping their data safe. Use the .PW domain as a platform to promote your services and help interested users and companies find you easily.


For specialized social networks and forums

If your social network or forum deals with anything privacy or security. Buying a .PW domain to denote that will help to attract more people interested in the subject.


For what is suitable?
  • Professional
  • Computers & Internet
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