For general repair services

Instead of buying a new shoe, cloth, electronics, a car etc every time it breaks down. For normal average folks, fixing the damaged thing is the first line of

action rather than purchasing a replacement. Finding a good repair ship could be sometimes difficult, and that is why people prefer to be recommended

than to do a direct walk-in to a repair shop. Having a website for your repair shop will allow people to make comments about your service online and

make it easy for you to be found by potential clients. Using a .REPAIR domain for your page will help to further attract a larger customer base.

For insurance companies

Insurance companies deals with repairs and replacement of damaged products. But in most cases they focus more on repairs than replacement because

it’s much more economical that way. Using a .REPAIR domain for your insurance company will open more business opportunity you never even think was

possible for you.

For professional mediators

Are you currently undergoing a misunderstanding with another party? It could be a family member, businesses or just any other person really. The work of

professional mediators is just to make sure peace reign between both parties, they help to repair broken relationships. Using a .REPAIR domain name for

your professional mediation website will only attract more clients to your business.

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