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For restaurant website

The .RESTAURANT domain is specifically made for restaurants point blank. Any restaurant running a website outside of this perfectly designated domain extension should have a rethink. When it comes to food, presentation is everything. Present yourself as a unique and exquisite dish maker when you buy a .RESTAURANT domain name for your business website.


For restaurant critics

The line leading to a five star restaurant is always significantly different from the one you will see leading to a one star restaurant. This star ranking is based on the recommendations of critics and food experts. Are you a food critic or you just love to sample different dishes across different restaurant? Then you need to showcase your findings to the world on a personal blog or website registered with a .RESTAURANT domain extension.

For restaurant aggregators website

A restaurant aggregation website will make it easy for visitor to your country or state finds good food that adds more taste to their holiday. Using a .RESTAURANT domain name for such a website will make it easy to locate and even allow for you to choose a memorable and catchy domain name.

For what is suitable?
  • Food & Drink
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