For memorial website

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive using a website registered with a .RIP domain. On the website you get to talk about them, post videos and

pictures of them also. It is a perfect avenue to always find a way to connect with this people when you truly miss them the most.

For morgue services

Morgues are in charge of taking care of the does that has rested in peace. Show case how much you understand this and how much respect your service

has for the dead, using a .RIP extension for your business website.

For gyms and exercising centres.

Gyms and exercises centres make it possible for does that want to get healthy with a rip body train their body and burn all the fat or turn them into

muscle. Being “RIP” is another slang used for being muscular and gorgeous. Capitalize on this slang when you buy a .RIP domain ending for your gym

centre website.

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