For solar panels manufacturers

Solar panels are big hit these days especially in developing countries with poor electric power supply. The .SOLAR domain extension will make it easy to dominate your web space and be a leader when it comes to solar panels in any country you are operating in.

For solar energy related products

Producers of products that makes use of solar energy to function understands the importance of making sure that the word solar is boldly stated, as it is usually their main selling point. Such products include fans, phone chargers, and laptops. Using a .SOLAR domain name for your products detail page will hell to easily differentiate that your product makes use of solar energy which is an added advantage, especially if it is a cheap product.

For solar energy related academic or research project

Are you working on a new way of converting solar energy to other forms of useful energy? Then it always better to create a website dedicated to such project on a .SOLAR domain ending in other to garner more following and create interest and awareness towards the project. Example of such project may include; creating solar street light for your community at a cheaper rate, or a solar charging center etc.

For solar related contents blogs and website

For bloggers and webmaster that can't just stop writing about the beautiful impact of solar energy on our planet, among other positive reason why we should really be focused on solar energy. Then registering a .SOLAR domain name for your blog or website will surely bring more joy to you and your devoted readers.

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