For video games makers

Does your company make video games for PC or mobile devices? Then the .GAME domain should always be your go to address for any project your business might be undergoing.

The domain name will anchor your business name with gaming, which is a great way to brand your business easily.

For online games

Any online gaming website not using the .GAME domain is leaving a lot of potential traffic and branding opportunities on the table. The domain extension helps to make it easy for online gamers to identify your website easily. Also since it's is very likely that the word game is already a part of your website name, using the .GAME domain extension will help to shorten your website name all together and make your name more memorable

For gaming forums and community

There are a lot of gaming forums available online since there is countless number of games available to be played. This means your must do all you can to stand out from the rest of the gaming forums. And this could only be achieved by taking very bold steps and wow your audiences at all cost. Part of this bold and very creative step is making sure to register a .GAME domain name for your forum.

For board games and other type of game makers website

Board games such as monopoly, snakes and ladders, ludo etc has come a long way and are being played in always every part of the world. Most of this games are even much popular than video games, simply because everyone can easily relate to them, whether old or young. But when the word game is heard, what comes to mind most times is Video game. So buying a .GAME domain for your board game business page will go a long way to market your business, since you will be riding on the back of the popularity of video game.

For what is suitable?
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