For technical support section of any website

Does your service or products require some sort of after sales or before sales technical support? Making this support available readily and easily should be your ultimate priority. Using a .SUPPORT domain for the support page for your product will make it easy for users to find and navigate this section.

For fundraising platforms

Raising funds for a project is another way of you offering your helping hands to the society. So instead of just doing nothing due to lack of financial power. Develop a platform where and create awareness for such cause and raise funds online aimed towards this project, using a .SUPPORT domain for the website.

For emergency and disaster control agency

Disasters are natural part of the human life, we can only hope for it not to happen. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can to reduce the effect of these disasters. And this is why we have disaster control agencies. They are charged with properly and effectively controlling the extent of destruction in case of a disaster occurring and also with education of people on various ways to prevent and reduce the occurrence of this disaster. Since they basically provide support before, during and after a disaster, using a .SUPPORT domain for their agency website is the perfect thing to do.

For Scholarship providing agencies.

If your agency deals with provision of scholarships supports to financially handicapped students, be it partially or fully. Creating a website with a .SUPPORT domain name will make it easier for student that fits your criteria find you.

For what is suitable?
  • Educational
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