For school of surgery

Just like any other institutions Surgical schools needs students to come and study in their institutions in other to keep the institution alive. The fees from the tuitions paid by these students, coupled with grants and donations from the public. These mean they need to really step up and advertise their school both online and offline and create awareness targeted at potential surgeons. This could be achieved through a website created with a .SURGERY domain.

For surgical related books, video, and manual promotions

You could promote your surgical related books and media online using a .SURGERY ending for it. The domain name will make it clear that your books or video is strictly for surgeons and anyone interested in the topic. And since it’s actually possible that your media name already includes surgery in it name, the domain name will just be an added advantage for you to select a much more memorable name for your website.

For surgical related medical plans and insurance

Surgery either bloodless surgery or an open surgery could be risky and also sometimes expensive also. This is why it is quite important that you plan ahead, for situations that could easily warrant that. And this is why we have medical insurance companies. Some of these companies now focus their attention more on surgical related treatment rather than general medical insurance. A company like that could greatly benefit from the use of .SURGERY domain for it business website.

For surgeons

Surgeons could create their own personal page where they get to submits their contacts details, publications, Curriculum vitae, miles stones, achievements etc. This way clinics and hospitals in need of their skills and services can always reach them conveniently without much hassle.

For what is suitable?
  • Health & Fitness
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