For a vet personal page

Having your own professional page could be the only tool you need for that dream job you are craving all this while. On your website you can always put everything out there and make it possible for potential employers to communicate with you effectively at your own pace, without being limited to a two page resume that can't even contain all that is to be known about you. As a vet your personal website could contain your contacts details, publications, Curriculum vitae, milestones, achievements etc. Plus it would be much easy to read than on a piece of paper. The .VET domain will serve as a perfect TLD for such a website.

For veterinary clinic

Veterinary clinics can also the use of .VET domain extension to bring their business online. Bringing your clinic online make it easy for you to be found easily and those with animal around you can easily access your online contacts for animal related advice and treatment.

Being online can really bring a lot of customers to your business, so don’t underestimate the importance of this.

For veterinary related media

Media that deals in the publishing of contents that are veterinary related can also benefit from the use of the .VET domain for their website. Example of such media outlet includes dog shows organizers, pets magazines, pets books writers. The domain name will help to align you well with the main focus of your business which is love and care of animals.

For what is suitable?
  • Health & Fitness
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