All our SSL Certificates include:
  • Strong SHA-256 encryption ?
  • 2048 bit RSA keys ?
  • Universal Browser Support
  • Secure Site Seal ?
  • Unlimited servers license ?
  • Unlimited free reissues ?
  • Phishing Alerts ?
  • 10x Accelerated SSL ?
  • SSL Configuration Checker

Secure Site Seal

GlobalSign is our partner and a trusted certification authority

Secure Site Seal help to educate website visitors on company investment in leading security technology and shows their commitment to protecting them against phishing attacks and eavesdropping.

Visitors simply click on the Site Seal to view easy to understand website security information including the website owners details and general SSL information - assuring them that the website is authentic.

The presence of a “trust mark” such as the GlobalSign Secure Site Seal will help visitors trust a website and convert general visitors into paying customers.

10x Accelerated SSL Connection

23 datacenters accross the globe to speed up certificate status validation during HTTPS connection

Whenever a browser connects to a secure site, it have to ask SSL Certicate Authority if this certificate is valid and not revoked.

The time of response directly influence in how fast your website loads.

Usually certificate authorities have a datacenter only in one location. It could results for 'handshake' (called an OCSP response) to take around 500 ms.

GlobalSign has distributed system within 23 datacenters to speed up certificate status validation during HTTPS connection

This means GlobalSign SSL Certificate validity statuses are delivered without delay, no matter where the visitor is in the world, all with 100% uptime, and with advanced protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attacks).

Modern Encryption Technologies

Strong encryption for modern browsers and SGC technology for outdated browsers

We offer SSL certicates with strong encryption technology SHA-256 and RSA 2048 bit encryption keys. This is the most reliable encryption standart in the world.

GlobalSign's root certificate is recognized by the most desktop and mobile browsers.

GlobalSign is also one of the few Certification Authorities to offer free SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) in all its Certificates.

GlobalSign has distributed system within 23 datacenters accross the globe that makes possible to decrease SSL handshake time from 500 to 50-70 ms.

This enables SSL Certificates to force web servers to create a strong 128 bit encrypted connection with older, weak 40 bit encryption browsers. To customers, the added strength of a 2048 bit root and the inclusion of SGC strong encryption is transparent – and to you, you are safe in the knowledge that the strongest encryption available is always being used to secure your communications.

Boost Your Google Ranking

Google introduced HTTPS as a ranking signal for search results

Google officially announced that SSL certificate is one of the ranking signals for improving website position in search results.

Besides that Google Chrome marks non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields as Not Secure in the URL bar.

Eventually, Chrome will show a Not Secure warning for all pages served over HTTP, regardless of whether or not the page contains sensitive input fields. So you should plan to migrate your site to use HTTPS for all pages.

Rely on Our Trusted Partner

2,5 million SSL certificates issued worldwide

We offer SSL certificates of GlobalSign because we believe that there can not be any compromises in the field of security.

GlobalSign issued their first SSL Certificate in 1996 and today their certificates protect private data and transactions of many companies from Fortune 500 as well as state entities wordlwide.

GlobalSign is accredited to the highnest standarts as a WebTrust accredited public Certificate Authority, a member of the Online Trust Alliance, CAB Forum and Anti-Phishing Working Group.