How do I check my website for viruses?

Antivirus checks are rendered by two scanners:

  • Linux Malware Detect;
  • Virusdie.

We have auto scanning running on a daily basis. If suspicious software is detected, the list of suspicious files will be sent to your contact email address.

File treatment is carried out by the Virusdie anti-virus software. It will only cure the files detected by itself during scanning. Files that were detected by the Maldet anti-virus will not be cured.

Virusdie cannot cure certain files automatically. Nonetheless, such files are still harmful in Virusdie’s view and need to be checked manually by the website developers.

NOTE: No successful anti-virus scanning can guarantee that your files are completely free from viruses. No anti-virus software is capable of detecting 100% of existing viruses.


Additional checking

As an additional control measure, the hosting involves monitoring of websites blocked at Google Safe Browsing. If your website shows up in the dangerous websites list by Google Safe Browsing, you will receive an email with some recommendations for solving this problem.