CMS installation issues

Which CMSs are supported by hosting

Check if the following conditions are satisfied before you install the CMS:

  1. Your domain must be linked to a hosting: How to link domain to hosting;
  2. the following access rights must be specified:
    • ‘755’ for the website directory and all the internal directories;
    • ‘644’ for the website files.
      How to change file and directory rights.
  3. meet the system requirements of your CMS. If you need to change your PHP version, you can do this following the instructions below: 
    • How to change PHP version;
    • How to change PHP parameters.
  4. check if your database access credentials are correct. Remember that there is an already created database in the control panel and you can use it. The login and password of this database can be found in the Control Panel.
    Should the need arise, you can change the database password:
    How do I change the database password.