Actions to be taken to cure the website by yourself

  1. create a backup copy of the files or download it from the backup system;
  2. review the contents of the files detected by the anti-virus check and remove all harmful code from the files. Such code is normally easy to distinguish from the rest of the code.
    • if it is some installed plugins/themes/patterns that got infected, please re-install them. We recommend you to use only the official CMS add-ons;
    • if you are using WordPress CMS, check out this help article: Harmful software detection for WordPress.
  3. if the file content does not look suspicious, contact its developer for clarification. If you’re using a CMS, you can ask for assistance on your CMS support forums;
  4. run an anti-virus test once again to make sure that the site works fine;
  5. don’t forget to update the CMS and all installed add-ons/themes/plugins. We strongly recommend you to use add-ons from official websites. Never download add-ons from untrusted sources.

Make sure to change the passwords of the website administrator and the database.