How do I deploy a website on the hosting?

Before you deploy the website, make sure that:

  • you have linked the domain to the hosting: How to link domain to hosting
  • you have added the domain to the control panel: How to add a domain to the hosting

To deploy the website, you need to:

  • upload HTML or PHP files and the rest of the content (images, documents etc.);
  • import the SQL database, if necessary (most CMSs use databases).

Website files deployment

  • open the cPanel control panel: How to open the hosting control panel;
  • create a new domain or subdomain: How to add a new domain/subdomain/nickname;
  • in the Domains section, select Additional Domains;
  • go to the root directory of your website;
  • click the Transfer or Upload button depending on your control panel version;
  • select and upload the archive with your website’s files in one of the following formats: zip, gzip, bzip or tar;
  • select the archive and click Extract. Make sure that the website files are extracted directly to the website directory, not a subdirectory thereof.

Database import

  • create the database according to the instructions. If you have just ordered a hosting service, you can use the database, which is already created and has a name that looks like u1234567_default. This databases access credentials are indicated in the HUB8 control panel;
  • import the database according to the instructions.

If you did everything right, your website is already out there on the Internet. Don’t forget to clear up the web-browser’s cache before you try accessing the website.