How to install Drupal?

You can install Drupal CMS in just a few clicks using ‘Softaculous’ automatic script installer.

  1. Open the hosting control panel. How do I open the hosting control panel?;
  2. In the Software & Services section, select Softaculous. 
  3. In the Softaculous panel, select the Drupal CMS from the left column (category column). You can also simply hover over the Drupal CMS icon and press Install;
  4. In the the drop-down list on the Installation tab, select the domain to install to;
  5. Enter the website name and description;
  6. Remember or write down the website administrator login and password. If there’s a need, you can also change administrator’s email;
  7. Select the language of the CMS to be installed;
  8. Press the Installation button. After the installation is completed, you will see a confirmation message.