Error 404

If you need to investigate Error 404, we recommend you to clear the browser’s cache. This way you can ensure that the browser will not access outdated versions of the pages and will be accessing ‘fresh’ data from the server hosting. To clear the cache, press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F5’ with the page in question opened in your web browser.

  1. If every internal page on your website is displayed with an error 404, but the main page works fine, reference shall be made to Help.
  2. make sure that the website files are located at /public_html/

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  3. a certain file or directory does not open. If you try accessing those via, please make sure that the ‘images’ directory and the ‘img.jpg’ file exist.


File and directory names are case sensitive, i.e. ‘img.jpg’, ‘IMG.JPG’, ‘img.JPG’, ‘Img.jpg’ are different names. Thus, an error will occur, if you don’t respect uppercase and lowercase letters (e.g. try accessing ‘img.jpg’ instead of ‘Img.JPG’).