What software is installed on HUB8 servers?

Linux website hosting:

  • operating system:
  • CentOS6;
  • web server: Nginx and Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2;
  • DBMS: MySQL Version 5.6.33 (mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.33-79.0, for Linux (x86_64) using 6.0);
  • PHP 5.1-5.6 in the FastCGI mode. More information about PHP is available at the link here;
  • result of phpinfo() function on the hosting server with cPanel panel;
  • Perl 5.10;
  • Python 2.6.


  • ionCube loader;
  • Zend Optimizer provided the PHP 5.2 version;
  • Zend Guard Loader provided the PHP 5.3 version (How to change PHP version);
  • mod_rewrite;
  • SSI;
  • mysqli;
  • git.

mod_rewrite is present in every pricing plan for Linux hosting. To activate it, you just need to create .htaccess file (mind the dot in the beginning) in the website directory (How to find out your website directory) and add the following line to the created file: RewriteEngine On NOT supported for Linux hosting: memcached (can be installed on a VPS server).