How to create a screenshot?

Screenshot is an image of a computer screen in operation.

At times, technical support engineers may need a screenshot to help you resolve the problem. Screenshots can represent a website error, mail client settings window, settings of your FTP, etc.

How to create screenshot

You can do this using your PrtScr key on the keyboard (also named ‘PrtScrn’ on some keyboards). It’s normally located in the top row next to F12. To make a screenshot:

  1. press PrtScr on your keyboard;
  2. run any image editor, such as MS Paint;
  3. press Insert: the screenshot will be inserted to Paint;
  4. to store the screenshot on your computer, click on the Floppy Disk icon. Enter the image file name and click Save;
  5. the file containing your screenshot shall be attached to the report and sent to the support team.