Changes on the website are not displayed immediately

  1. Clear your browser’s cache — your browser might have cached the old version of the website page and now it’s showing the old version every time. To do so, use Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + R;
  2. clear CMS cache, if it’s used;
  3. some builds of PHP are equipped with caching module:
    «5.3-with-xcache» — XCache; «5.4-bx-optimized2» — XCache; «5.4-with-xcache» — XCache; «5.5-bx-optimized» — OPcache; «5.5» — OPcache; «5.6-bx-optimized» — OPcache. «5.6» — OPcache. «7.0» — OPcache. If you use one of the builds listed above and you want the website changes to be represented immediately, you need to add the following directives to ‘php.ini’: for PHP version «5.5», «5.6», «7.0»: opcache.enable=Off for PHP version «5.3» и «5.4»: xcache.cacher = Off

How to edit php.ini