I deployed the website files, but the website still does not work. How so?

  1. make sure that you have linked your domain to the hosting. How to link your domain to hosting;
  2. if you have deployed the website on the hosting or linked your domain to the hosting (i.e. specified the nameservers for your domain) less than 24 hours ago, then it’s okay to have your website temporarily unaccessible. It is just how DNS service works. You need to wait until IPS’s refresh their nameservers and then your website will become available. Typically, this takes up to 24 hours from the moment when nameservers are changed.
  3. if it’s been more that 24 hours from the moment when you linked your domain to the hosting, clear the browser’s cache, as your browser may have cached the ‘unavailable’ version of your website page and now it’s showing this page all the time. To clear the cache, press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F5’;
  4. check, if your website can be accessed via Webproxy. Simply enter your website name and press GO. If your website is available, then the problem is on your IPS’s end. You just need to wait, until your IPS’s nameservers refresh. Some providers need up to 72 hours to refresh nameservers.