Website images are not displayed

  1. check the images directory rights. For most cases, the correct rights would be ‘755’. You can contact your website developers for more detailed information. You can find out what rights are currently assigned for your images directory and change them by following the instructions: How to change access rights for files and directories
  2. pay attention to your image names. Linux OS is case sensitive when it comes to file names. For instance, if you try to access an image named ‘shop.png’ while your actual file name is ‘Shop.png’, this will not work.
  3. in case your images were lost after you moved the website, please check in the website scripts if the images directory path is specified correctly, especially when you are using absolute path (/var/www/… ). You can use Help to find out your website directory path.
  4. in case your images were lost after an SSL-certificate was installed, you should check image URL’s in the website scripts and database. One possible cause is that URL’s explicitly request images in an ‘http://’ format. In this case you need to switch your image link to an ‘https://’ format, which is normally done in the administration panel of your website (CMS). Sometimes URL is directly specified in the website files. If that’s the case, you need to manually change ‘http://’ to ‘https://’ in your URL.