How do I install WordPress?

Automatic installation

You can install WordPress in an automatic mode using Softaculous installer.

Manual installation of WordPress

All actions to be performed from the hosting control panel. How do I open the hosting control panel?

Before you start, please download an up-to-date WordPress installation package from the official site. Then follow the instructions below.

  1. create the database according to the instructions here: How to create a database? Memorize or write down the database name, username and password.

    For CMS installation you can also use database named ‘u1234567_default’ (‘u1234567’ is your hosting login), which is created automatically in the control panel when you order a hosting. You can find its access credentials in the control panel;

  2. upload WordPress files to the website directory. To do this, go to your control panel and do as follows:
    • In the Domains section click on Additional Domains;
    • Proceed to your website directory;
    • Press Upload in the upper left corner and upload a previously downloaded WordPress archive to the control panel;
    • Select the WordPress archive and press Extract;
    • In the opened window, press Extract File(s);
    • The archive will be extracted to the directory named ‘wordpress’;
    • Now you have to move the WordPress files directly to the website directory. Go to the ‘wordpress’ directory, select all the files and press Move file;
    • In the opened window, specify the path to the website directory and press Move File(s);
  3. go to your website address. Your domain has to be linked to a hosting: How to link domain to hosting
    • You will see the starting page of WordPress installation:
    • Press Next. If you see browser message saying that the page or server are not found, use the Help article Browser reports that it cannot find page or server.
  4. enter the database connection credentials to the relevant fields:
    • for the ‘Database server’ field, keep it as ‘localhost’;
    • Table Prefix. For safety reasons, we recommend you to change the standard ‘wp_’ prefix to any other of your preference. The prefix may consist of Roman characters and numbers.
    • As you have entered the data, press Submit.

    Reminder: you can use the already existing database u1234567_default (‘u1234567’ is your hosting login), which is automatically created in the control panel when you order a hosting. Its access credentials can be found in the Control Panel.

  5. if you have entered incorrect data on the previous step, a message will be displayed;
    • If you see a mistake, go one step back and check, if the entered data for database connection are correct.
    • Press Start Installation;
  6. enter the website name, make up a username (website administrator), enter the password and email.
    • We strongly recommend you to avoid common user names such as: ‘admin’, ‘administrator’, ‘adm’, etc. The better option is to use your first name and second name. This will increase your website immunity against brute force attacks.
    • Press Install WordPress.
  7. WordPress installation is completed;​

    To start creating your website, press Login.